3dmaya course explainer


When we were approached by a local school to help them create educational promotional video with a script they generated, we jumped at the opportunity.
3d maya is a cross-platform educational resource that includes full-time and online courses which provides learning of different creative skills in CG. The resource consists of a web site for teachers and learners, chat room and large library of tutorials.

The main goal of video is to show benefits that online education gives its students, how it works and how fun and simple getting education is wherever you are.
Our tasks for this project were storyboard, character design, environment design, styleframes, props, character rigging, 3d modelling, animation, compositing and video editing.
So we created a video filled with different characters-students to convey how much this service will suit everyone.

Below is the promotional video we created for the project that sums up the whole resource.





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